September 21, the Grand Maneuver of Asia

September 21, the Grand Maneuver of Asia September 31 coincides with the anniversary of the Sacred Defense in the Islamic Republic of Iran and in this year’s anniversary, Iran is to partake in a joint military exercises, code-named Caucus 2020, with a number of other countries in southern Russia. IRAN NEWS  POLITICAL DESK According to the statement of China’s Defense Ministry, troops from Armenia, Belarus, Myanmar and Pakistan along with troops from China, Russia and Iran and probably some more neighboring states are to take part in the military drill, code-named Caucus 2020” which will be held from September 21 to 26. Holding Asian military maneuvers are worrisome for the Western bloc because in a military drill which was earlier held in cooperation and coordination of Russia, China and Iran in the Sea of Oman and some part of the Indian Ocean, Americans and Europeans in their confidential bulletins that small part of it has been revealed in the media have totally expressed their concerns.