President: Iran Not to Begin Any War

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will not initiate any war in the region even with the United States, but if a war begins with Iran, we will give a decisive response,” President Rouhani said at a joint press conference with Japan’s visiting prime minister in Tehran on Wednesday night. The president also described some tensions in the region as the result of the United States’ economic war with Iran, adding, “Whenever this war ends, we will see a positive development in the region and the world.” He also pointed to the close relations between Iran and Japan and the mutual cooperation in the field of nuclear activities, saying, “The two countries believe in peaceful nuclear activities and are against nuclear weapons.” “Iran-Japan relations are long-standing and this year is the 90th anniversary of Tehran-Tokyo diplomatic ties,” he added, noting, “In today’s meetings, we discussed relations between the two countries, including Japan’s cooperation and investment in southern Iran, especially in the Chabahar region and the Makran coast.” “Japan’s willingness to continue buying oil from Iran and efforts to develop financial, scientific and cultural ties between the two countries can ensure the development of relations between the two countries,” the president’s official website quoted him as saying.