Foreign Exchange Market Shock , Temporary

Foreign Exchange Market Shock , Temporary IRAN NEWS NATIONAL DESK TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani said yesterday that the return of foreign currency incomes will balance the foreign exchange market, and calms the foreign exchange market. Speaking on Tuesday at the 46th session of the government’s economic coordination board, Rouhani said, “The shock created in the foreign exchange market is temporary and has no fundamental economic reason, and the balance must return to the foreign exchange market.” “What the government is looking for today is to lead liquidity based on sustainable policies to increase production and the pillars of a productive economy”, Rouhani highlighted. “The plan for implementation of this policy has started in a coherent manner, and issues such as activating the stock market to rationally supply stocks as well as activating mines, with no economic activities that some individuals have acquired over the years will be taken care of”, the President emphasized.