Elysee’s Credit Relying on Incapability

In recent months that the word “Yellow Vests” has become a common term and has presented a different picture of democracy in France to the world public opinion, this is the French people who are more shocked than others in the world; and in a climate filled with ambiguity of power and capability of Elysee Palace for finding solutions to all disputes coming from popular protests in different cities of France, they ask themselves, while significant percentage of citizens of Paris find themselves incapable for quelling the crisis,  why the French government should not resign and prepare the ground for a snap election in France in order that the country would not be humiliated more than this among the world people. IRAN NEWS  POLITICAL DESK In such a condition, the most important measure of French intellectual current comes to the rescue of the government and they conduct polls in pro-government or opposition media and social media to know what is going in the streets of France. In this relation, French daily Le Figaro which is considered a leading daily for guiding the country wrote an article based on a poll which was conducted based on President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on finding solutions to put an end to the protests and disputes.