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Iran repairs oil supertanker for first time in country

With the successful docking operation of 320,000-ton huge supertanker (DORE), as long as 333m, in Bandar Abbas Shipbuilding Complex (Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex (ISOICO), this is for the first time that repair and maintenance services of giant ships is assigned to the domestic repair yards and the most experienced Iranian experts. Earlier, repair and maintenance services of supertanker with huge dimension was delegated to the foreign repair and maintenance yards due to the technical and technological restrictions in the country.

Iran ranked 3rd at Asian Beach Handball Championship

The 7th AHF Men’s and Women’s Asian Beach Handball Championship was held on 15-24 June 2019 at the Tianmu Resort Village in Zhang Jiachan Town, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China and Iranian National Beach Handball Team has ranked the 3rd at this competition by defeating Vietnam and has been accepted to attend World Championships in Italy.

Merkel’s late warning

Obviously, in this situation, “Crossing the traditional parties” would become a general demand in the West. Under such circumstances, Merkel’s and other European leaders’ warnings about the return to the twentieth century and the time before the formation of United Europe simply means the inability of the Eurozone authorities in preventing the Right-extremism in the West