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World Health Day Theme: support nurses and midwives

TEHRAN ( Iran News ) – By highlighting the theme of this year’s World Health Day as “Support nurses and midwives”, the WHO restated the critical role that nurses and midwives play in keeping the world healthy. “Nurses account for more than half of all the world’s health workers, providing vital services throughout the health system. Historically, as well as today, nurses are at the forefront of fighting epidemics and pandemics that threaten health across the globe

Mayors of Tehran, Ankara talk on fighting coronavirus

TEHRAN ( Iran News ) – Mayors of Tehran and Ankara, Pirooz Hanachi and Mansur Yavas, in a video call, exchanged views and experiences of their cities in the fight against the lethal coronavirus. During the conversation, Hanachi expressed gratitude for Turkey’s humanitarian aid to Iran amid the coronavirus outbreak. He also referred to the challenges that Tehran is faced within the fight against the virus under the cruel US sanctions, urging the issue to be discussed in the upcoming World Cities Summit

Coronavirus update: 62,589 infected, 27,039 recovered in Iran

TEHRAN ( Iran News ) – As of Tuesday, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Iran has reached 62,589, while 27,039 have recovered from the disease, according to Health Ministry update. Iran’s Health Ministry Spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said that 2,089 more cases have tested positive with the virus in the past 24 hours, increasing the total number of infections in Iran to 62,859. He added that 27,039 patients suffering from the novel coronavirus have recovered and been discharged from hospitals so far

Parliament reject holding virtual sessions

TEHRAN ( Iran News ) – Iranian Parliamentarians have said no to a triple-urgency motion which aimed to hold virtual parliament sessions during the COVID-19 outbreak. The decision was made today at the open virtual session of the Parliament which was the first one held in the new Iranian calendar year and after the implementation of social distancing guidelines.

Clinical trial on effectiveness of favipiravir starts

TEHRAN ( Iran News ) – Iranian medical authorities have agreed on carrying out a clinical trial on the effectiveness of favipiravir, a drug originally used in Japan for the treatment of new types of influenza. Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences has announced that a clinical trial began by Tehran’s Masih Daneshvari hospital on Sunday aimed at determining favipiravir’s effectiveness in treating patients infected with COVID-19