Amnesty International Calls on Saudi King to Release Hamas Official

TEHRAN ( Iran News ) – Amnesty International once again called on Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz to secure the release of former Hamas official Dr. Muhammad Al-Khodari from prison. In a series of tweets in Arabic, Amnesty called for the Saudi King to “immediately” release 81-year-old Al-Khodari and his son Hani “without a restriction or a condition”, noting they “have been detained for more than a year in Saudi Arabia.” The rights group added, “During their detention, Dr Muhammad al-Khodari and his son Hani al-Khodari were subjected to grave violations of their human rights, including forced disappearance, arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detention.” It pointed out that the “two men, Al-Khodari and his son, have not had any legal representation since their arrest,” the Middle East Monitor reported.