Monthly Archives: October 2015

Iran urges ‘non-interference’ in Syria’s internal affairs

Zarif said respecting the territorial integrity and national unity of Syria should be top on the agenda of the Syria talks, adding “Non-interference in the internal affairs of Syria and combating terrorism and extremism,” must also be among common objectives of all participants in the negotiations if they really want to address the crisis in the Middle Eastern state.

‘Enemies not safe as resistance is alive’

pointed Nasrallah to the “Takfiri project” in the Middle East, saying were it not for the steadfastness of resistance fighters on the battlefield against Daesh and other extremist groups, the situation of this region would be even worse.

Talks with US banned due to demerits’

“The problem currently facing the country is due to certain individuals who are quite thoughtless or quite credulous and don’t understand these realities,” said Ayatollah Khamenei in an apparent reference to those who favor talks with Washington.

464 Iranians lost their lives in Mina

At least 464 Iranians have lost their lives in the incident, while 150 others have been wounded. The latest reports said 14 Iranian pilgrims are still hospitalized in Saudi Arabia, while others have either died or been treated and left the hospital, preparing to come back to home.